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Item GrantandColfax.jpg Republican Ticket, Grant and Colfax, 1868
Item RepublicanTicket1868.jpg Republican Ticket, 1868
Item OnTheJobForVictory.jpg On the job for victory
Item 336-2--V592b--1790--Small--1.jpg To the first constable of [Brattleborough] in the county of [Windham]. Greeting. : ...general assembly at ... session in Castleton in October, 1790 ... grant a tax of [5] pence on the pound on the list of all the polls ... to be paid to treasurer of this state ... in hard money ...
Item Trailer-Kathryn.mp4 Kathryn and Michael Trupin Share Marshfield Memories
Item Trailer-MichaelTrupin.mp4 Grandmother Mears' Safe
Collection 2021_DorisReid_1.jpg Marshfield Story Project
Item XMSC163-43_Number289.jpg Illustration of the engine Number 289
Item XMSC163-45_RobertHBurdell.jpg Illustration of the engine Robert H. Burdell
Item ThePublicHealthNurse.jpg The public health nurse, she answers humanity's call : Your Red Cross membership makes her work possible
Item RegardingUnemployment.jpg For information regarding employment, call at the local bureau
Collection LightBob&Lee.pdf Vermont 1970s Counterculture Project Oral Histories