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Item 973-7--Oa8--Small--1.jpg Oath of allegiance to the United States government : [signed] Geo. W. Beaman. The bearer ... has taken ... oath. Permission ... granted ... to pass St. Louis, Mo. ... [signed] Jno. C. Borland
Item 388-1--B737--Small--1.jpg Hindsdale Bridge : the conditions of the ... order, is to pass with ... carriage or sleigh, horseback or on foot ... to Francis Goodhue in consideration of {dollar}5.00 ... pay unto treasurer
Item BHC243-21.2_IOOFweek1909-1.jpg Main Street During I.O.O.F. Week
Item 33_BrownKenneth_PoolAndOilTanks.jpg Pool and Oil Tanks
Item RegardingUnemployment.jpg For information regarding employment, call at the local bureau
Item Berlin_Hill_Explosion.jpg Explosion on Berlin Hill Above State Garage