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Item Doc221-94A.2_VacationHome.jpg Paul Smiths vacation home
Item 3BrighamPaulVhsa837.jpg Paul Brigham, Vermont Governor 1797
Item 27DillinghamPaulVhsa861.jpg Paul Dillingham, Vermont Governor 1865-1867
Item 40DillinghamWilliamPvhsa874.jpg William Paul Dillingham, Vermont Governor 1888-1890
Item 974-3--B768--Small--1.jpg Lieutenant governor's address. : Gentlemen of the Council, and of the House of Representatives, I embrace this opportunity to manifest my acceptance of the office, to which I have been declared duly elected. ...
Item ElmStreetinWinter.jpg Elm Street looking north from State Street
Item Doc221-47.7_MrsCoolidge&Dog.jpg Mrs. Coolidge and dogs
Item LarrowFamily.pdf Larrow Family
Item Promoted.jpg They Were Promoted, 1910
Item UnionTickets1863.jpg Uncut Union Tickets, 1863
Item Doc221-94A.1_MrsCoolidgeInCanoeOnLake.jpg Mrs. Coolidge in canoe
Item 73SalmonThomasP.jpg Thomas Paul Salmon, Vermont Governor 1973-1977